Best-bang-for-the-buck recommendations

  •   Category Weight
  • Big Four
    16.9 lb
  • Clothing
    2.89 lb
  • Water
    0.07 lb
  • Cookset
    0.81 lb
  • Poop Kit
    0.28 lb
  • Misc and Ditty Bag
    0.58 lb
  • Worn/Carried
    1.5 lb
  • Electronics
    0.35 lb
  • Other recommendations (not to bring on trip, but to own)
    0 lb
  • Total 23.37
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Worn 1.5 lb
  • Base Weight 21.87 lb

This list represents what Brian feels are best-value equipment items. They may not be the cheapest or the lightest, but he feels they are excellent performance for the money. He will continue to add to/refine this list over time as he finds better items. This list is also not intended to be all-inclusive of what you would need for any particular trip. Many of the items below can be purchased used through places like Facebook groups.

Decoder Ring

  • Items with yellow star might be shared / divided between hikers
  • Items with a red star indicate a CHOICE - only 1 needed, not both


Places I feel you should spend money to get a good fit: Socks Shoes Backpack REI membership

An REI membership is excellent for things like shoes because you can exchange them if they don't work/fit properly. Shoes are about the same price anywhere you look. You get 10% back on them with an REI membership. If you have any questions as to WHY Brian recommends something listed below, just ask. Also, if you have suggestions for things you know of that aren't on the list, please comment!