LSHT Mar 2022 - UL

  •   Category Weight
  • Big 4
    3.48 lb
  • Food/Water
    1.17 lb
  • Clothing
    0.84 lb
  • Ditty bag
    0.96 lb
  • Worn
    0 lb
  • Consumables
    7.46 lb
  • Luxury Item
    1.11 lb
  • Total 15.03
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 7.46 lb
  • Base Weight 7.57 lb

Lone Star Hiking Trail March 4-6 2022.


  • Friday 3/4: High 75, Low 61, Wind 6-10 mph, Dew Point 46-50
  • Saturday 3/5: High 80, Low 67, Wind 9-15 mph, Dew Point 55-57
  • Sunday 3/6: Hight 83, Low 66, Wind 8-16 mph, Dew Point 57-63, chance of rain 30%

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Post Trip Lessons Learned:

  • Weight savings by going with a closed cell foam pad was not worth it. Should have spent the weight and carried the full size Uberlite Wide
  • Caldera Cone and Esbit setup worked better than I thought it would. Definitely will do this again in the future
  • Plastic bag over Toaks 550 when packing works well to prevent soot from getting all over the place. Forgot to pre-soap the bottom of the pot to facilitate soot clean up.
  • Hand Sanitizer works very well as an Esbit starter
  • Learned how to simmer on an Esbit.
  • Need to remember to bring a pot scrubber if cooking with an Esbit
  • Need to remember to bring a Lighterload towel. 2 if also using an Esbit stove.
  • Grayl UL water filter is all it is hyped up to be.
  • Toilet paper estimate was about perfect.
  • Tent stuff sack filled with cloths and other stuff worked well as a pillow.
  • Should have swapped out the 1L Dasani bottle with a 2L platypus bottle. I needed more water carrying capacity.
  • Need to seal up the hole in the McDonald's spoon to prevent it from filling with fluids
  • Cheese and meat sticks, along with a bag of trail mix, make an awesome lunch.
  • Need to find a way to store my sunglasses when not wearing them.

Post Trip Weight Savings ideas:

  • Eliminate the carabiner on the thermometer
  • Continue to use tent stuff sack as pillow
  • Aquatabs were an emergency backup if the Grayl filter didn't work. It works well. Can reduce the quantity in the future.
  • Less food for the first day. Look into calorie density for meals. Lots of potential weight savings here.
  • Contact Dandee about an alteration to the pack => Replace stretch pocket material with something lighter
  • Trust the weather. Could have left the rain jacket at home and saved 145 grams. Would have been enough to take the full size Uberlite!

Items that did not get used on this trip:

  • Bug Dope
  • Flocculant
  • Dr. Bruhners
  • Aquatabs
  • Scissors
  • First Aid Kit
  • Rain Jacket