2021 Gear List (end of LEJOG)

  •   Category Weight
  • Pack
    1.14 lb
  • Shelter
    1.52 lb
  • Sleeping
    2.44 lb
  • Clothing
    4.93 lb
  • Cooking
    0.89 lb
  • Food
    8.91 lb
  • Water
    4.61 lb
  • Electronics
    1.55 lb
  • Hygiene
    0.41 lb
  • First Aid
    0.28 lb
  • Miscellaneous
    2.16 lb
  • Total 28.85
    • oz
    • lb
    • g
    • kg
  • Consumable 13.75 lb
  • Worn 3.64 lb
  • Base Weight 11.47 lb

This was the gear list at the end of my 1200 mile hike from Land's End to John o' Groats (LEJOG) in 2021. My starting list was a bit lighter than this (Worn 3.55 lb, BW 10.9 lb), but I changed my waterproof jacket and shoes at 200 miles after some bad weather and a case of shin splints, and I bought a foam mat to back up my inflatable one when it got a slow leak at around 700 miles.

Some of this gear turned out not to be needed, or was lost, wore out or developed faults along the way. This has driven some of the changes to my gear for 2022.

Note: The square brackets [X] in the clothing section relate to this classic article by Andrew Skurka on backpacking clothing, which I have found very useful.